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About Us

Nirvana Digital is a Brazilian company of content aggregation and digital video solutions provider.

In order to provide an end-to-end solution, Nirvana Digital acts from the prospecting, selection, licensing, clearance of copyrights and legal support in regulatory issues, relationship management with content partners, to the guarantee of the publication of such material in the offerings of the Operators/ Platforms.

Nirvana Digital owns the licensing rights of several labels/studios /producers of national and international content, showing its excellence in presenting complete solutions, from the licensing to the treatment of such content, which can be delivered in any format.

Excellence in technology, flexible and economically viable business models are, at the same time, the synonym and the differential of the Nirvana Digital's services in the market.


Our team is composed by professionals with over 20 years of experience in digital media, entertainment, content, technology, broadcast and regulatory aspects, with national and international know-how and certifications in the TV market-leading companies, IPTV, VOD and Internet.

movie milestones

First Movie to include a Swear Word: The Big Parade

First Feature-Length Talkie: The Jazz Singer

First Movie to Show an Actor on the Toilet: Catch 22

What we do?

Nirvana Digital is a complete solution and with best cost benefit in the market for you to offer your content on all digital platforms. We do not charge any cost "upfront", because what we most want is a healthy partnership with you.

We can delivery SD, HD and 3D content, ensuring a perfect fit to the target devices, such as tablets, connected TV's, computers, set top boxes and mobile phones. We fully follow the good market practices as well as the "media guides" and technical specifications of the Operators / Platforms.

Video on Demand Solution
Provider - Integrator


Video on Demand Content
Provider - Aggregator


“The minute that you’re not learning, I believe you’re dead.”
Jack Nicholson

How we do

Excellence in execution

We believe in excellence in all processes. In this sense, we always closely follow the implementation of the projects, in order to improve and became better each and every day.

Sense of urgency

Perform with excellence only has value when it meets the premise of delivery on time. We are committed to the timing of each project. Therefore, a priority for NIRVANA DIGITAL is working according to the requested term.

Orientation to the partner

We look for the best results, we are present in all stages of the projects, proposing improvements, measuring effectiveness and ALWAYS, seeking opportunities to do it better.

Transparency in relations

Regardless the agility and quality of our execution, our biggest focus is transparency. We ALWAYS act within strict ethical principles and, therefore, we prioritize open interaction with our customers and partners during all processes.

Our Skills


Innovation and creativity




Digital Video Specialist




“Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.”
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